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9 Feb

This was a piece I made for my Dad. It is about how our hearts will always be linked. Pretty self


Picture Perfect

9 Feb

This piece was a site specific installation done in my apartment. It is about taking something supposedly gross and beautifying them to the point that you would want them displayed in your home.

The First Organ

9 Feb

This is the organ that started it all. I was taking a digital sculpture class and was very lost. After playing around forever with the Maya and Rhino programs, I finally came up with something that was decent and that could be printed on the FDM machine. After getting my piece back and having to figure out what to do with it, I came up with the idea of turning it into a heart shape displayed on a plate. This piece inspired the Lurid Ambrosia installation and was the gateway to my focus on internal organs!

Lurid Ambrosia In Process

9 Feb

These are some pictures from Lurid Ambrosia while it was still being made.