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Group Show Details

7 Mar

If you want more information on the artists that will be in the show, check out the blog!

Show update!

7 Mar

Upcoming Group Show!

16 Feb

I will be participating in a group show called Antediluvian Processes on March 2nd!

Time and place to be announced. Stay tuned!

New Project

9 Feb

This is my most current project in the works.. I’ll be finishing this human form to scale, then decorating it with organs almost as if they were jewelry. More images to come!


9 Feb

I sometimes like to buy a bottle of wine, stay up all night, and paint. It’s more of a hobby than anything else, but here are some of my more recent paintings!

Let’s get started!

9 Feb

This is my first blog, whoot! I will be using this blog to keep the world apprised with the goings on of my art and such. Hope someone out there enjoys it!