Archive | February, 2012

Upcoming Group Show!

16 Feb

I will be participating in a group show called Antediluvian Processes on March 2nd!

Time and place to be announced. Stay tuned!

Cage Almost Finished!!

14 Feb

The human cage is almost done! I just need to weld a few more details and secure the feet a bit more but then it’ll be time for organs! At least now it’s free standing!!!

Lurid Ambrosia

9 Feb

People having fun with my installation!

New Project

9 Feb

This is my most current project in the works.. I’ll be finishing this human form to scale, then decorating it with organs almost as if they were jewelry. More images to come!

Alzheimer’s Brain

9 Feb

This brain was for a project about taking older concepts and adapting them with themes that I normally use in my work… I had some trouble with getting it to stand, but I think it turned out alright..

Large Scale Organs

9 Feb

First attempt at a large scale large intestine in process and final photos.

First attempt at large scale organs!

9 Feb

Testicles in process and finished!


9 Feb

Artist Statement:

Everyone has memories. These memories are specific and individual to each person, just like our organs. We keep these memories preserved and protected and treat them with care, however if we can go through the process of letting them go and shattering them, we can take what we’ve learned from it and grow into something better and new.


9 Feb

This was a piece I made for my Dad. It is about how our hearts will always be linked. Pretty self



9 Feb

This piece was an installation about inside and outside relationships. How when relationships start to crumble, we start seeing the ugly innards of the situation. However what seems like a bad exposure at the time can slowly transform into something totally different and beautiful. Things always tend to work out the way they are supposed to.